I would like to thank you personally forall the work you carried out for us and the manner in which you conducted yourself. It certainly was a pleasure to converse with someone who had the time and patience to satisfy our concers in what some people find a stressfull time


David Manning & Co.


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RG28 7AH
Tel 01256 896633
Fax 01256 896556

email: dm@davidmanning.co.uk


These days, it is not necessary for your Lawyer to be in the same town (or even the same country!) as you. There is no need for you to attend any meetings. We have streamlined our conveyancing process and with the use of up to the minute communications technology have tailored our service so that we can deal effectively with clients and properties wherever they are throughout England a Wales.

Regulated by the Council for licensed Conveyancers for the provision of conveyancing services

David Manning & Co is the trading name of Avers Enterprises limited


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